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We record:

- native Polish (male)

- native Latinamerican Spanish (female)

- neutral English (male)

- English with eastern European accent / Spanish Accent (male, Spanish - female)​

We translate:

- from English / Spanish into Polish

- from English / Polish into Spanish

The Tech:

- home studio, AKG 214 microphone, Onyx Satellite Station, Adobe Audition​

- portable recording booth with the same microphone / interface setup for urgent recordings "on the road"

The details:

- we deliver audio in any format via email or Dropbox download, usually within 24h from receiving the script if need be.

- we can deliver either raw, dry audio or processed "ready to use" audio

- we can synchronize the recordings to video (except lipsync) or an original recording

- we offer the possibility to direct the recording session through Skype

- we can connect to you from our home studio using Steinberg VST Conect Performer/ Skype

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