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Let me record your novel or your factual e-books or training manuals.    I can provide audio versions ready for downloading on Amazon, Audible or any other platform!   

Could I produce an audiobook for you?

Fee: £250 per finished hour.


(Or $350 US) This fee includes all rights in all media for ever.

OR subject to availability, I’ll record for FREE but we share 50 / 50 rights via the Amazon ACX platform.


I am an experienced producer and I can create a professional, studio-recorded Audiobook from your novel; or convert your non-fiction e-books or training manuals into engaging and valuable audio versions!


Maybe you have written a series of existing e-books that you sell as Kindle books or via pdf file- but if there are AUDIO versions available as well recorded by a professional voiceover in a broadcast studio, your assets are worth far more to sell on.


The great thing about audio books, is that they’re more useful and more attractive to buyers; they can listen to your book in their car, on the train, at the gym, in their kitchen, wherever. 


So if you’re selling books of any kind, you really need to have an audio version of it available, because buyers are prepared to pay to have it!  You may also want to burn the files onto a set of retro CDs and create attractive packaging so you can charge more for the extra perceived value of the physical media.


So what’s the difference between short and longer reads for a voiceover like me? Surely it’s just a case of reading for longer?  Well, no!  For “long-haul” voice sessions, it’s really important to keep the listener in mind throughout the recording.  Sometimes things written down come over very differently when read; you have to look out of these and adapt the ebb and flow of the pace of your voice to ensure the full meanings come across.  Plus the timings between sentences is important as well; using dramatic pauses correctly in reading novels, especially where there are different characters speaking.


With all my projects, YOU, the client choose the style and the speed you’d like me to read – there are plenty of examples on this page and on my home page. Then  after you have chosen a style, I’ll record the first page of your script and check with you it’s OK before tackling the rest.  This I do completely FREE of charge, and you’re welcome to walk away without owing me anything at this stage if you don’t like what I do!


Don’t forget that everything is recorded in a BBC-quality audio studio using a £2,000 Neumann professional microphone.  You’ll get edited, optimised files in whatever type of file you require.  If you are going to sell your book via Amazon / Audible / ACX, then I will optimise the technical characteristics for this platform.


If you want to keep all your audio book profits yourself, then you will pay £250 per hour of finished, edited, optimised material and you have all the rights.  If you don't want to pay a penny, please register your book on Amazon's ACX platform ( It stands for Audiobook Creation Exchange.  If you'd like me to read your book for 50% of the profits, convince me it has solid commercial potential.  We'll do the deal via ACX, and often authors wished they had paid me the buyout fee, and I often receive far more money in royalties! It's up to you.

£250 per finished hour is for projects of 5 hours or less. (About 45,000 words) Generous reductions are available for audio books that are over 5 hours in duration.

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